Corpus Christi College, Oxford

Undergraduate and graduate level teaching on biotechnology entrepreneurship

For 15 years I taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses in entrepreneruship, focusing on the early stages of biotech company creation and financing. My teaching was not typical Business School stuff. I focused on specifics, on the practicalities of how to get things done in a biotech start-up, and on examples of failure as well as success. And I usually started with an overture from one of my collection of songs about money, because in times of stress, when the caca hits the air conditioning, I find swearing in Amin 3:4 time much more relaxing than just swearing.

Courses taught include core modules on the University of Warwick BBBM degree (academic years 2011/2 – 2016/7), and the University of Cambridge’s MBE programme (academic years 2003/4 – 2016/7).

I also give occasional talks on the scientific side of my work to non-technical audiences (as well as scientific presentations at seminars and conferences). Sometimes I combine science and business talks, as I did in Cardiff in 2019. If this sounds like fun, get in touch and we can see what I can do for you.