Apr. 2021. Five Alarm Bio shows anti-aging effect in simple organism

Five Alarm Bio today announced new results demonstrating the effect of their probe compound FAB001 on aging.

In collaboration with Magnitude Biosciences, Five Alarm Bio has tested our probe molecule FAB001 for its effects on the health of the nematode worm C.elegans. C.elegans. is widely used for research into aging, and has been the model organism in which some pivotal discoveries into aging has been made. Magnitude Biosciences have developed technology to track individual worm’s movements as they mature and then age in culture, providing a very information-rich analysis of how they are aging. We deployed this technology to see how FAB001improved the worms’ “healthspan”.

FAB001 improves worm healthspan by up to 40%

The results show that FAB001 does not disturb how the worms move in early adulthood, but slows the decline in movement substantially, so 5-day-old worms treated with FAB001 are moving like 3½ -day-old worms that are untreated. Importantly, this is an effect on a whole organism, not just on isolated cells or tissues.  If translated into human terms, this would make a 60-year-old have the physique and stamina of a 42-year-old.

FAB001 is extremely safe, and so this class of drug has potential for long-term dosing to treat the diseases and disabilities of old age that arise from cell senescence. Five Alarm’s next steps will be to optimize FAB001 with our own compounds that we can take forward to clinical development.

For more details on Five Alarm Bio Ltd, see www.fivealarmbio.com .