Let's buy Anglia!

Spring 2009.

I have ranted about the British state here before, and events of the last few months have not made me happier with the way we are mis-governed. My problem remains. What the f*** can we do about it? Voting is about as useful as writing letters to Santa. Blowing things up just justifies yet another piece of repressive legislation. (There was a report in the Royston Crow in December 2008 that Cambridgeshire County Council had used the Anti-Terror laws [Specifically RIPA - allegedly passed to enable the police to monitor organised international criminals and terrorist networks ] to prosecute a newsagent for employing paper boys [young people employed to deliver newspapers, not cellulose lifeforms] without work permits. As predicted at the time, 'anti-terror' laws are basically 'anti-people' laws, to be used on everyone whenever convenient and with complete disregard to whether they are 'terrorists' or not. Blowing things up will give the state an excuse to tighten the thumbscrews even further.)

Emigrating is very attractive if you are willing to leave family, friends, countryside, beer and so on behind (I am - my wife is not, and I am not pissed off enough to leave my wife!).

And then it came to me.

The current Government is desperate for cash. Despite the fairy stories of their success in 'handling' the crisis that the government's spin doctors have placed in British newspapers, Brown's economic actions and policies are seen as inept at best in the rest of the world. Gordon Brown has committed every man, woman and child in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to a debt of £22,000. That is quite apart from their own, personal debt on credit cards, mortgages, lease arrangements and so on, which Mr. Brown is begging us to increase by spending cash we do not have this Christmas. This will come home to roost as confidence in the pound collapses and the currency falls to £1=$1 or worse. So he needs cash.

So let's give him some. Let's organize a management buy-out. We can do an MBO of (say) East Anglia, or the Cornish peninsula, or Scotland. For £10 trillion we could buy Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire off the UK. [The number is hard to estimate, as the government is very stingy about saying where it gets its money from, but total state revenue in the UK is about £700bn, the Anglia population is around 6M out of 61M, so on a pro rata basis Anglia contributes around £70bn, which has an NPV (6% discount rate) of ~£8 trillion over the next 20 years]. I am sure the Chinese would fund it. People would retain their houses, farms etc (we are not talking about nationalizing here) - they would just have a new government. The resulting country would have wind farms, a nuclear power station, one of the better water systems in the country, farms, ports, several excellent hospitals, and an airport. Oh, and a University or two. And (and this is a big plus) no major international financial centre. There would be substantial emigration from Anglia (as we might call it) when we fired 90% of the pointless bureaucracy that a decade of Labour government has made us pay for, and the bureaucrats discovered that they are useless and unemployable. Smoking would be re-introduced in pubs, making it a tourist Mecca for central England. A proper rail network would be re-introduced, railway management given back to people who knew what trains were, hospital management would be handed back to people who knew medicine, economic management to people who can add up. Some sensible policies on waste disposal and recycling would be introduced (like mandatory prison sentences for illegal dumping). The planning laws (zoning laws in American) would actually be enforced. In 2020 we would have a higher GDP than the rest of England, London included, and actually be a nice place to live.

The only downside is that the increasingly repressive labour regime in the rest of the UK would instigate border controls and keep us waiting at the A1M roundabout for six hours every time we went to Scotland.

Anyone up for creating a web site to start the Lets Buy Anglia movement?